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Here are the three pillars of any solid website maintenance plan.


Did You Know?
A good website maintenance plan doesn't have to be complicated.  Like most things, getting the basics right is what counts most.

Three pillars of a solid WordPress website maintenance plan:

Pillar 1: Backup

The essential first step is to have a copy of your website which is easy to restore.  Whenever anything goes wrong you can restore your WordPress website with ease and get back to where you were before the problem struck.

Pillar 2: Update

The most common reason for a website being hacked is out of date software.  The WordPress team works hard to stay on top of the latest threats discovered in the community; their updates are released for a reason so be good to your business and use them.

Pillar 3: Security

Security is increasingly important with the rise of automated hacking.  Learn the basic best practices - which are really just common sense - and check for problems on your website with a regular scan like Sucuri's.

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