Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

How do I get started?

Once you sign up to a plan (or the free trial) you'll get an email with further details about your next step.  This email will also explain how you can securely send us your site and hosting login details.  Once we have these, we'll have you set up and protected within 24 hours.  Other work, like optimisations, can take longer due to the individual nature of your website.

What happens if an update breaks my site?

We do our best to test all updates have worked.  But there is never a 100% guarantee that every update will work smoothly or that no plugin clashes will occur.  If you do find something has gone wrong we can restore your site with a few clicks.

How much does it cost?

For 30 days it’s FREE so why not just try us at no risk to your site? You can also check this page for pricing options.

Can you repair my hacked website?

Yes, we can. It’s not included in our plans but we will take a good look and let you know how much it will cost before you pay anything.

Can you change XYZ on my website?

Yes, we can. Development work is included in some of the plans but we can give you a quote for any job no matter what plan you are on.

But Wait, Can’t I do it Myself?

Yes, you can definitely do it yourself.  The real questions is, SHOULD you do it yourself?

That depends on how much you value your time. If you spend four hours per month on website maintenance (a very conservative estimate), what’s the cost to your business in terms of client work you can’t do in this time? If you charge your time at $50/hour, that’s $100. If you charge $120/hour, it’s $240. Seen in that light, spending a fraction of your hourly rate on a WordPress support service makes complete financial sense.

There are other good WordPress maintenance companies out there. Why should I work with you?

Our Vision

We want to change the view of website maintenance from a nice-to-have luxury to a must-have necessity.


When you work with us, a part of your payment goes towards helping us donate time and work to causes we care about. For example, part of our revenue goes towards the 100% free development time and care plan we donate to and


WPStrands is not founded by a 20-something year-old who's trying to build yet another cool startup but has never had a real job or formal training.

Seán is a 40-something twenty year veteran of corporate IT roles ranging from automation, consulting, systems administration and development.  He's worked around the world with companies like Microsoft, Lotus, Fujitsu and Swisscom.  Not forgetting that he ran operations for the largest cloud platform in Switzerland.  

WPStrands is born from Seán's knowledge of all of these and the real desire to help smaller businesses to completely remove one of the biggest fears in running a modern business - the technology.

Honesty & Integrity

Honesty is saying truthfully what you do; Integrity is doing truthfully what you say.

We believe in doing both. We will never misrepresent our services to you and we will always be open about how we are running the business.

Just ask us if you’ve any questions.

What kind of security coverage do you provide?

We partner with Sucuri to bring world-class WordPress security to your website! Get started with our Entrepreneur plan or Business plan; we’ll implement the plugin and configure it for your site to give you the best possible protection.  Sucuri's web application firewall also has the very nice side effect of increasing your website performance!

We’ll also implement security across your WordPress dashboard and server if needed. These security measures are unique for every website so it means you get a customised solution.

Will you look after more than one website for me?

Yes, of course we will.  But you will need to purchase a plan for each individual website.

Does it matter what hosting provider I’m using?

Not at all.  We work with any hosting provider.

We do however, have our preferences.  For most small businesses - and the hosting provider we use ourselves - Siteground provides a perfect ratio of cost to service.  It's simply a notch above most providers out there.

If you're looking for really high performance then we recommend Kinsta as the best out there.

What are your usual response time and resolution time?

Response is usually within a few hours and resolution usually within 24 hours.  Of course it can take a bit longer for more complex jobs.

Will I lose control of my website?

No, not any more than now 😉  Think of us as your professional chauffer - you still ultimately decide where to go and what route to take.  But we'll be using all our professional experience to do the best possible driving along the way.

But I just LOVE the challenges and headaches of working with WordPress. I don't need you, do I?

Nope. You probably don't.