Benefits of automated WordPress maintenance

Having a WordPress maintenance plan in place for your website - whether done yourself or outsourced to professionals - is a terrific step towards making your online presence more stable and secure with minimal effort on your part.

But did you know there's an even better way?

Automating that maintenance plan can save you even more hours of your precious time.

automated protection

Did You Know?
Using automation, at WPStrands we can restore a perfect copy of your website, scan for security problems and have a performance report done; all within 2 minutes!

The benefits you can gain from automation are huge:

  • No need to remember the different maintenance tasks
  • Save time by automating things like backups, scans and updates
  • Save money by taking the expensive human factor out of the equation
  • Reduce errors for the same reason
  • Relieve frustration and confusion with technology you don't understand
  • Grow your business by focusing on your business, not on the technology behind it

Just keep one thing in mind: machines can only do so much.  There is still no substitute for a pair of experienced human eyes checking that the automation has done a good job.

Make sure your automation tasks are checked by a real person!

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