Learn how a modern website maintenance plan can help your business.  You've probably never thought of some of these before.

Enhanced Security means peace of mind

As hacking becomes more commonplace it's more important than ever to know that your WordPress website is relatively secure.  There can be no 100% guarantee, but this peace of mind alone is more than enough for many business owners.

feeling safe

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Improved Page Speed means Better User Experience

Since we regularly check your WordPress website's performance we can recommend ways of speeding it up.  Your users will love you for the better experience.  And so will Google.

Cost Savings

Outsourcing your IT support can have huge cost savings not only in terms of money spent if things go wrong but also in terms of man-hours spent trying to deal with something beyond your knowledge.  Not to mention the peace of mind.

Did You Know?
A well-executed WordPress maintenance plan can save you up to 10 hours each month.

More conversions

Another lesser known benefit is that regular maintenance can catch problems with forms and other methods of contacting your business.  No more contact forms lost in the ether for ever.


The WordPress team are extremely diligent about patching and improving the software, with dozens of updates being released each year.  Staying on top of these alone and making sure your plugins all work after updates can be a frustration in itself.

General Support

A good WordPress maintenance company should be approachable for any technical questions or problems you have.  And they should be able to help you or at least point you in the right direction.  Think of them as your personal IT advisor.


With a good WordPress website maintenance plan, your IT is in the background.  This means you can focus on your strengths and dedicate most of your energy to improving your business.  

When you're walking a tightrope you shouldn't need to wonder how safe your rope is!

Improved Stability

Regular maintenance will ensure your WordPress website runs smoothly and drastically lowers the risk of your website going down in any number of ways.  A crash could cause embarrassment at best, loss of business at worst.

focus on the task

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WPStrands: Your personal website mechanic

As you can see, there are much more benefits to a WordPress website maintenance plan than just saving time and reducing frustration. Think of it like a mechanic for your website; whatever the problem, you just need expert advice without stressing too much about the details of how it all ticks.

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