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Wordfence is not the best WordPress security plugin

Wordfence is not the best security plugin

Wordfence is NOT the best WordPress security plugin Photo by Roi Dimor on UnsplashWordfence is NOT the best WordPress security plugin for this one simple reason. Amazement! That’s the reaction of most people when I tell them I know lots of people who don’t lock the front door of their home. It seemed strange to me too until I […]

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  • August 7, 2018

Google Chrome will mark your WordPress website as insecure

Google will mark your website as insecure

Google is about to mark your website as insecure ​Photo by Amir Mohammad HP on Unsplash Update: Version 68 of the Chrome browser was released on July 24th 2018 and now identifies non-HTTPS websites as insecure!  Contact us if you need any help getting your website off the “insecure” list. If you still aren’t using HTTPS then Google […]

How to change the WordPress footer text

Change WP footer text

How to change the wordpress footer text ​Photo by Tran Mau Tri Tam on UnsplashHow to change the WordPress footer text the right way.The flexibility of WordPress is just one of the many reasons for it becoming – by far – the most used content management system in the world. It’s also partly due to the open source nature […]

How to deal with WordPress Comment Spam

stop wordpress spam comments

​How to deal with WordPress Comment Spam What is WordPress comment spam, how do they do it and how can you stop it?I remember when I got my very first comment on a blog. It was flattering; I was beyond chuffed. I was over the moon to think that someone found my site so fantastic that they […]

Introduction to WordPress caching for beginners

Beginners Introduction to WordPress caching

Introduction to WordPRess caching A beginner’s introduction to WordPress cachingThe best introduction to WordPress caching I’ve ever heard goes something like this: Me: “What’s 1,234,567 divided by 9,721?” You: “Er, no idea …”  At this point you take out a phone or calculator and work out the answer. You: “It’s 127!” Quick Navigation Caching explainedThe problem with WordPress […]

Create an original blog post image for WordPress with Canva

How to create a Unique WordPress blog post Image

How to find or create a blog post image for your WordPress website Photo by Bram Naus on UnsplashA free, simple and quick process for finding, editing and creating a unique blog post image in WordPress. With free template.​Running a business means you’ll find yourself repeating certain tasks. Again and again. When I realise I’m doing this, I’ll […]