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How to deal with WordPress Comment Spam

stop wordpress spam comments

​How to deal with WordPress Comment Spam What is WordPress comment spam, how do they do it and how can you stop it?I remember when I got my very first comment on a blog. It was flattering; I was beyond chuffed. I was over the moon to think that someone found my site so fantastic that they […]

Introduction to WordPress caching for beginners

Beginners Introduction to WordPress caching

Introduction to WordPRess caching A beginner’s introduction to WordPress cachingThe best introduction to WordPress caching I’ve ever heard goes something like this: Me: “What’s 1,234,567 divided by 9,721?” You: “Er, no idea …”  At this point you take out a phone or calculator and work out the answer. You: “It’s 127!” Quick Navigation Caching explainedThe problem with WordPress […]

Create an original blog post image for WordPress with Canva

How to create a Unique WordPress blog post Image

How to find or create a blog post image for your WordPress website Photo by Bram Naus on UnsplashA free, simple and quick process for finding, editing and creating a unique blog post image in WordPress.​Running a business means you’ll find yourself repeating certain tasks. Again and again. When I realise I’m doing this, I’ll do one of […]