FACTS about WordPress website hacking

Fact 1: The single biggest cause of hacking is outdated software

Across the world, malware attacks are increasingly in the news.  Journalists love to dress these attacks with an air of mystery and sinister warnings.

The truth is that most hacking is not done by highly tech-savvy people deliberately trying to break into your website.  It's actually done automatically by programs (called "robots" because it sounds more menacing) checking for known problems with the software used on your website.

The simple solution?  Keep all of your software up to date.  This means WordPress core files and all themes and plugins installed on your site. 

I'll say it again: simple software updates are the single best defence against automated attacks of almost all types.

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Did You Know?
According to Google, the number of websites hacked increased 32% in 2016.

Fact 2: The single biggest target for hackers are small business owners

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Around 60% of small businesses have had an online security breach and 60% of those are out of business within 6 months!

This is partly because small businesses tend to have weaker online security and use less secure online services than larger corporations.

As a small business owner you might ask, "why me? What can a hacker hope to gain by hacking my website?"  Quite a lot, actually.  They can

  • Steal information
  • Make money through ransomware
  • Use you as an entry point to every other company you do business with
  • Take over your website and use it as a bot
  • To increase traffic to their site through SEO spam on your site
  • Simply use your site as a challenge to learn new skills

Did You Know?

WordPress runs almost 30% of all websites on the internet!  That's about 80 million websites; a lot of targets for any hungry hacker!

Fact 3: The single biggest platform targeted by hackers is WordPress

WordPress is the most popular website platform in the world with almost 30% of the World Wide Web running on the platform.

It's one of the easiest to use and so it lowers the technical barriers to setting up a website.  This means it's used by many people who don't understand online dangers very well.

Because of the relatively low technical knowledge of many of it's users, it's also one of the most popular targets for hackers; over 75% of hacked sites in 2016 were built on WordPress.

All of this combines to make WP one of the easiest targets out there.

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Facts about Website hacking
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Facts about Website hacking
Some things you may not have known about website hacking.