How much does WordPress website maintenance cost?

WordPress maintenance services offer high tech support for your WordPress website that give you back the joy of working on your business instead of on the technology used to run that business.

Thanks to the pace of modern technology there have been incredible advances in website maintenance technology.  This means you can take advantage of services that are more effective than ever before.

wordpress website maintenance costs

Most maintenance companies offer a range of maintenance services based on the level of support you need. Just like any other technological service - the more features, the higher the cost.  Maintenance plans should be seen as an investment that pays off by freeing your time to work on your business and so improving your life and the lives of your customers.

In general, website maintenance plans cost between $49 to $120 per month. At WPStrands we believe this cost is too high for the average small business online.  Using the most up to date technology, we can offer the same services as our higher-priced competitors for a much lower monthly fee: around $1 a day!  We're on a mission to change the view of website maintenance from a non-essential luxury to an affordable, must-have necessity.  Kind of like car insurance.

What contributes to the cost?

A high level of skill across multiple, rapidly-advancing technologies is required to effectively offer expert support for online businesses today.  Knowledge not just of website programming languages like PHP, Javascript and CSS is needed, but also an in-depth knowledge of web server hardware and how to configure them is required.

Many years go into acquiring this knowledge.  The tools and technology used to provide this support also cost money.  All of the equipment and services used need to be state of the art to properly safeguard your business's home on the internet.

Why are some maintenance plans more expensive than others?

WordPress website maintenance plans come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, features and technology options. The technology sector is moving ever more rapidly, so service providers must keep up to date with these advances.  While this provides continuously increasing customer benefit, it also means continuous training and expense for the provider.  Very basic plans might not offer the level of support found in more expensive plans.  There’s much more to supporting your business online than simply "taking a look" at your website every day.

But be careful. Cost is no indicator of competency.

Lots of choice

That being said, at WPStrands we believe that such services should be much more affordable to small business owners.  In most situations, no-one thinks twice about leaving their car maintenance in the expert hands of their local garage.  We believe it should be the same for your website, hence our extremely affordable rates. You won't find cheaper!

Did You Know?

If you charge $60 an hour to your customers and you spend only two hours every month on your WordPress website, it makes more sense to spend money on a maintenance company while you use the extra time to work with your customers. Tips for buying a maintenance plan.

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