Our nice clients say some nice things about us.

Tad Hargrave Owner, MarketingforHippies.com

He made all of my problems go away

For years, my website needed someone to take a look under the hood.
It had become very slow. Not that I noticed but a few colleagues
pointed it out to me. I shrugged my shoulders, "meh" I thought. And
then certain widgets weren't working. I asked a friend who knows about
these things what I should do. She took a look and told me, "Well...
your whole theme is out of date. This is going to collapse at some
point. It's just going to work less and less well. And if you don't
update these plug ins then your website will be more and more
vulnerable to being hacked" I shrugged and told myself, "Next year."
It wasn't that I didn't want to deal with it. It was that the thought
of dealing with it was so utterly overwhelming. I know nothing about
the backend of this mad, online world of tech upon which I rely so
heavily. If you lifted the hood on the car of my website I couldn't
tell you what anything is or what it does. Finally, a colleague told
me my website was now very slow indeed. Enter Sean. Sean had become a
client of mine and so I took a look at his website. This was exactly
what I needed. I signed up for his middle package and... he made all
of my problems go away. I took the car to the mechanic and it was
fixed. My colleague told me, "Wow. Your website it so fast now." Every
once in a while I have some strange glitch on my site and Sean makes
it go away. My assistant Susan and I can't say enough good things
about the quality of Sean's work but also what a joy he is to work
with. He's down to earth and relaxed. If you have a wordpress website
that your business relies on, I urge you to check out Sean's packages.
If you have any questions you'd like to ask me about my experience,
feel free to call me personally - 780.885.8891. - Tad Hargrave,
www.marketingforhippies.com, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Kelly Campino Bradford Coach

Amazing support!

As a busy small business owner with no technical knowledge (or interest!), I was so happy to have been recommended WP Strands! Séan has been an amazing support, taking over all things tech with my site, which has allowed me the time to spend on what brings my clients the most value. He's increased the speed of my site significantly and made sure that it's always running smoothly and securely. When I've had a request, he's always gone above and beyond to get it sorted as professionally and efficiently as possible. I'd absolutely recommend him to any small business owner who doesn't want to worry about their website!

Amy Schief

When I first launched my WordPress website for my business I had no idea of the need for ongoing website maintenance. Luckily I came across WPStrands.

Seán lets me know when something on my site has been updated/changed. I'm not technical, so I often forget to check on things such as this and it is reassuring to know that they are being checked by someone professional who really knows what they're doing.

The regular check-ups and updates are great. It allows me more time and energy to spend on the running of my business instead of on the technology.

I find the blog to be a great source of information, the service itself is great and the WPStrands team are great to deal with, and I appreciate that I can upgrade my plan as my business grows.

I would recommend WPStrands' maintenance service for anyone who has a WordPress website. The up-to-date info and regular updates allow small business owners (especially those with little IT experience) to focus on their work and clients.

Gabrielle Ortais Owner

Wow, awesome! I open my website and it flows. Just flows. Everything is smooth and fluid. Even me who knows this website inside out, I experience it like never before: I rediscover and enjoy how texts and images dynamically complement each other to deliver messages and convey the personality of my brand; nothing hinders anymore my user experience.

And I feel twice grateful. There is the great result of course! But there is also my knowledge that WPStrands spontaneously went the extra mile to make it happen despite significant technical difficulties related to the specific setup of my website. They proactively took the lead to work around them, while keeping me informed of all the way.

Hats off, and many many thanks!

Lauren Andrews Founder

Working with Sean is a complete joy. It doesn't take long to realize that you're working with an individual that puts integrity and quality at the forefront.

Sean goes above and beyond for his clients to make sure he is delivering excellence.

Jennifer Harvey Sallin Founder

Seán is an amazing professional. He is so knowledgeable about his domain that whatever odd problem I send him on either of my websites, he finds a solution.

I am so busy with my businesses that I don't have time to master the IT side of things, and yet I'm a perfectionist - that's why I feel so lucky to have Seán's support in my work. He's always there, prompt, enthusiastic, creative and generous, maintaining and improving both of my sites without a flaw.

If you too are a perfectionist entrepreneur who needs that special kind of support, Seán is for you!

Rikky D.T. Maas

WPStrands has been such a relief to me in the past year! Seán was incredible in explaining anything I wanted to know about my website, quickly proving trustworthy and invaluable.

At this point I don't even care what he's doing behind the scenes anymore, all I know is that I no longer worry about my website, everything is running smoothly, and I have tons of extra time.

When I was looking for someone to hire, it was important to me that I could reach out anytime if I had questions yet at the same time trust that everything would be taken care of without having to think about it. I've found all I was looking for and couldn't be happier.

Thank you for helping my business grow!