What types of WordPress website maintenance are there?

WordPress maintenance might make sense for you if

  • You don’t want to be bothered dealing with the monthly aspects of managing a website: backups, updates, etc.
  • If you technically aren’t capable of following best practices, and your website is a legitimate part of your overall business.

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There’s a website support plan for almost every type of website and you can chose one based on your personal and business needs and preferences.  Most plans will include the foundations such as backups and updates. These are the absolute basic you need for your WordPress business website and many maintenance plans don't go any further than providing them.  

The good news is that there is now more choice than ever.  Online business owners are gradually becoming more aware of the need for a more flexible support plan for their website or online store.  Outsourcing your technical requirements makes perfect business and financial sense.  After all, how many car owners don't "outsource" the maintenance of their cars to an expert mechanic?  How many business owners don't "outsource" the maintenance of their finances to an accounting expert?

There are generally three levels of maintenance available for your online business website:

Type 1: Your web developer or designer

With this type of support you can contact your developer or designer any time you need to change something on your site or any time something goes wrong.  Companies such as WPCurve provide such development services for a monthly fee.

This can quickly become expensive if you need more than occasional support (which all websites need).  You also have the problem of dealing with both your developer and designer for different problems.

Did You Know?
Dealing with different vendors for each part of your technology wastes time, energy and money.  Using a single point of support, these problems disappear, support is streamlined and the vendor becomes an extension of your business.  That's what WPStrands does.

Type 2: Managed WordPress Hosting


A manged WordPress hosting account means that the web servers are optimised specially for running WordPress.  These plans include backups and updates of your WordPress and plugin software.  If you've opted for a reputable one of these plans then your website is most likely quite secure and up to date.  

But what you gain in stability you lose in flexibility; the hosting company decides which updates to apply.  These plans are usually a lot more expensive than other hosting plans.

Did You Know?

WordPress runs almost 30% of all websites on the internet!  That's about 80 million websites; a lot of targets for any hungry hacker!

Type 3: One Size Fits All Plans

This is the most common type of website maintenance among the new breed of WordPress maintenance companies.  You can chose from a few preset options and pay monthly for that service. It's the classic "same-for-everyone" service.

The problem is that anything extra costs extra.  Your needs and the needs of your business are individual to you and there is no such thing as a one size fits all online businesses solution.

A Class Of It's Own: WPStrands

Not fitting into any of the above standard classes is what we do best.  We support our customers as individually as they and their business needs.  We are experts in all things technology for online businesses.

If you've ever sought technical support only to find it was "not included" or "outside their area of expertise" then give us a call.  We'll happily take on anyone whose business doesn't fit into a pre-designed mold.

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