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Thanks to modern technology, automated maintenance is now better than ever.  We still need a human to be involved, though.

The Process

Website maintenance technology has advanced rapidly in the past few years. Manual, error-prone work is now largely a thing of the past. Modern maintenance companies keep your website running smoothly using automated tools to perform much of the time-consuming tasks like running and checking validity of backups, checking for malware infections and checking performance.  

At WPStrands, though, we insist on always having a human presence in the process.  No automated tool can reliably tell you when one software update is going to interfere with another.  Since WordPress is made up of many modules written by different people all over the world, the potential for problems is even higher than with many other pieces of software.  This is why we manually inspect every WordPress website after running our scans. [LINK TO SOMETHING]

At WPstrands our maintenance plans work like this:

  • You sign up with one of our WordPress Maintenance Plans
  • We connect to your WordPress website
  • We take a manual backup of your WordPRess website to a secure offsite location (on AWS)
  • We manually run performance and security scans on your website
  • Next, we put your website through a series of checks and tests to determine the biggest problems
  • We let you know what we found on your website and then start automating the above scans and backups
  • Human checks are still made on your website every day, though!

When done properly, the above first-time checks can dramatically improve your WordPress website performance, stability and security.

Imagine being able to go through your workday without giving much thought to whether or not your website is secure, if your plugins are configured properly or if they're causing problems, what you'll need to do if you get hacked etc. etc.  You can just focus on what you do best; looking after your customers and your business!

Each month we surprise a customer by selecting one of their WordPress websites and doing a full review of the site's performance. You can soon read these case studies on our blog.

Did You Know?
WPStrands uses Amazon Web Services - the world's largest cloud platform - to securely store offsite backups of websites.

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